The Lunar Module Project


O . A . S . I . S . C . A . F . E .

The O.A.S.I.S.C.A.F.E. art installation is a -to scale- artistic representation of the Apollo Lunar Module that first landed on the moon in 1969. Visitors are able to climb inside the installation for a fully immersive experience. The lower half, or Descent Stage, houses a moon/space themed art galley, along with an illumniated sculputure of the main Descent Engine. The upper half / Ascent Stage, has been constructed dimenssionally accurate both inside and out to Lunar Modules that flew in space, so visitors can view and feel what it was like to be on the moon from the astronauts' perspective.
current design

current design
Initial Build

current design
Element 11

current design
Ascent Stage Re-Build!!

current design
)'( Burning Man )'(

Each letter of O.A.S.I.S.C.A.F.E. represents the name of one of the manned Lunar Modules that flew in space:

ORION – Apollo 16, Apr 1972
AQUARIUS – Apollo 13, Apr 1970
SPIDER – Apollo 9, Mar 1969
INTREPID – Apollo 12, Nov 1969
SNOOPY – Apollo 10, May 1969
CHALLENGER – Apollo 17, Dec 1972
ANTARES – Apollo 14, Feb 1971
FALCON – Apollo 15, July 1971
EAGLE – Apollo 11, July 1969

Our Mission is to convey and remember the biggest and most daring adventure humanity has ever taken. It is to allow the younger generations to connect with and understand what has just been a fact of history that happened before they were born. It’s celebrating something that was accomplished 50 years ago, that humanity will still be remembering and celebrating 1000 years from now.

This project is the dream and passion of Jeremy S Smith. He got his start as an artist a decade ago learning and creating fire for the Mantis art car in 2010, and then taking things to the next level the following year on the Scorpion art car fire system. In more recent years Jeremy has created his own large fiery installations for the Regional Burn in Utah and Burning Man. Jeremy is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and avid space enthusiast.

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